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Photography and the subject

It's always about them, the people in the photograph.

It's really never about me but rather about photography and the people I photograph. Indeed. And so it should always be the case.  I hope that if you came all the way to read the about section it's because you were moved, interested, emotionally connected to the images you saw, feeling like you were almost there with us. There is not much to be said, you already know me through the images you saw, maybe you were there for that tiny second when you looked at that picture, at that moment you saw them, met them, and saw what I saw, felt what I felt but most importantly I hope, you saw how I saw them and you felt how I felt about them. Because it's always about people.


My main interest in photography is capturing spontaneous and heartfelt images. Although posing is part of an event, I privilege candid portraiture. I've worked for over ten years to develop a unique style of wedding photography deeply rooted in wedding photojournalism and influenced by fine-art and fashion photography. I continue shooting with artists, musicians and models as part of an ongoing learning process and through these different disciplines I constantly renew my eye, challenging myself to create new images, new ways of telling your story.

My pictures of musicians and fashion were published in several magazines around the world among which the NY Times, Time-Out, Figaro, Der Spiegel and more.


In 2013 my picture of Anna Wintour made it to the top 100 most iconic images of the year at Corbis, second largest photo agency in the world. (Corbis is now Getty).

Prices starting at $2000.00 for photo coverage

Additonal services include: album design, video services and photo booth.

"Geraldine  was amazing! She was quiet, unimposing, friendly and very accommodating! Her photos turned out beautifully. She really has a knack for candid portraiture and capturing special moments that you don't see in person. We loved working with her."

"Geraldine was so great - she got me to loosen up, have fun and the photos came out so good. We got previews within a week - while we were on our honeymoon so that was really fun to relive everything so soon. The finals came right on time and turned out great."

"Geraldine photographed my wedding day and she was amazing, she knew what she wanted and what would work and wasn't afraid to get down on the floor for an amazing shot!"

Geraldine Maggie Marguerite

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